How do I connect Diabetes Diary to Runkeeper?

Go to the "Settings" menu, and you will be guided through the process of connecting the app with Runkeeper.

How do I get the worldwide stand-alone app for Pebble watch

The Pebble watch is unfortunately not available for purchase anymore.

The Pebble Diabetes Diary app works both as a stand-alone app worldwide, and together with our Android companion app (for Norway, Czech and US). The way you download it is to open the “Pebble” app on you smartphone (you might have to install this app first if you don’t have this). Then from this app, you search for “diabetes” and for the time being there is just one app that appears, i.e. the Diabetes Diary app. Read more here if needed:

How do I get the app?

For iPhone: download it from AppStore. For Android phones: download it from Google Play.

Can I get the app outside of Norway? (When will it enter other countries?)

Unfortunately the app is currently only available in Norway, Czech and US but our intention is to release it in the rest of Europe. If you would like to get notified when it's ready, you can follow us on Facebook: ( ) or at the app's home page: .

Where can I buy Pebble watch? And what is the price?

The Pebble watch is unfortunately not available for purchase anymore.

Does the Diabetes Diary work on other smart watches than Pebble?

Currently the Pebble version of the Diabetes Diary does not work with other smart watches.

How to synchronize data from Diabetes Diary on Pebble to phone?

If you use Diabetes Diary on Android/iPhone and on the Pebble, then our solution works like this: all data you register on the phone is sent to the Pebble watch and visa versa. The recordings you make on the clock will be stored there until they are transferred and it has memory of many months of data. Data is transmitted when the clock is close enough to the phone (usually 10 meters) and transmitted via Bluetooth, usually immediately.

Is it possible for data from the Diabetes Diary app to synchronize between multiple devices?

For safety reasons we do not yet have a cloud solution. But this is in discussion! Since we are a hospital we have to be extra sure that the solutions we are launching are secure.

How to import data to Excel?

Go to the menu (click on the three dots under each other in the right the top corner on main page), choose «Tools» and then «Send registrations». Then you can choose how your data are going to be shared. You will then be able to open the file in for example Excel, and look at your values, make graphs, etc.

How do I transfer data to a new phone?

By exporting the database from your old phone, and then bring it into the new phone. This is done from the menu, select "Tools" and then "Send database", for example via e-mail to yourself.

Can I get my measurements registered directly from meter? / Do you plan to support wireless communications with insulin pumps and blood glucose meters?

The app supports wireless transmission from LifeScan OneTouch UltraEasy meters, but then you have to buy a Bluetooth adapter from USA (PolyMap Polytel). We are discussing to post a description of this, but have not done that yet. Insulin pumps are difficult since the producers will not publish the communication protocols.

Can I get Diabetes Diary on a Windows Phone?

The Diabetes Diary app is currently only available for iPhones and Android phones.