User guide: Diabetes Diary for Pebble

In addition to the user guide below, we have some instructional Youtube videos with different examples.


Record and track your diabetes data – including step counts – directly on your wrist.

The Diabetes Diary for Pebble enables you to monitor your dietary, insulin, glucose and activity levels throughout the day. You can track your progress through historically recorded data.


The top bar shows the current battery level. Recharge your Pebble every day because the battery state influences the precision of the step detection system.

Remotely Syncing Data

You can also use this Pebble app while it is not connected to your mobile phone. All entries will be transferred to the Diabetes Diary app on your mobile phone as soon as your Pebble is connected. Daily activities are transferred to the phone Diabetes Diary application automatically throughout the day. The number of steps is reset to zero at midnight every day.


Use the Pebble integration settings screen in the Diabetes Diary application on the phone to configure predefined settings. See the diagram on the bottom of this page for a detailed description.

Entering Data

  • Press the middle button on the right to enable a new data entry.
  • Hold down the middle button to switch between different measurement types.

  • Once you are in the desired measurement type, use the Up and Down buttons on the right to refine the measurement.
  • Quickly pressing the middle button allows you to adjust insulin and blood glucose levels at a decimal point level.
  • Confirm by pressing the middle button again.

Viewing the second last entries

  • Hold down the lower right button to view the second last entries (blood glucose, insulin, carbs).
  • Release the button to view the last entries again.





Blood glucose (BG) reminders

  • 90 minutes after your last carbohydrates entry, the reminder to check your blood glucose is displayed accompanied by a long vibration.
  • If you record your blood glucose level in the time interval of 60-90 minutes after the last carbohydrates entry, the reminder will not be launched.
  • You can configure the notification settings in the Pebble settings screen in the Diabetes Diary application on the phone.




Tracking your activities

  • You can track some of your activities with the Pebble as well. Press the upper right button to view a list of available activities. Scroll using the upper and lower right buttons. Press the middle button again to select the highlighted activity. The screen will show you the time elapsed since you began the activity. Use the “x” symbol to cancel or “v” to finish and transfer the activity to the Diabetes Diary. The Play icon at the top left of the screen indicates that the tracking timer is still on.
  • Use the back button (upper left) to return to the previous screen anytime.
  • Press the upper right button to see the tracking timer again, cancel, confirm or select a new activity.

Importing steps into the Diabetes Diary

Some of your daily physical activities can be automatically imported into the Diabetes Diary. In order to have a particular physical activity imported, you need to take at least 500 steps in a more or less uninterrupted time interval. You can adjust the steps limit in the Pebble settings screen from the setting menu in the Diabetes Diary application on the phone.

Pebble integration user settings

This Pebble app was made in cooperation between Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Czech technical University in Prague – FBME CTU, and Norwegian Centre for E-health Research (NSE), University Hospital of North Norway.